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Mother’s Day

Oh Amazon…everyday I faithfully look at the Deal of the Day and this is what I saw today…

I hope my family never gets me something this gaudy for Mother’s Day or any holiday.  I could see my girls both thinking it is beautiful though with it being a heart and covered with “jewels.”

Speaking of Mother’s Day, my little one keeps confusing Pottery Barn for Harry Potter so instead of getting this…

I am afraid that she would actually end up getting this…

Thankfully, I took Mother’s Day into my own hands and ordered myself a Kindle Fire (when it was the Deal of the Day on Amazon).

The girls don’t know that I ordered my own gift so I will have to act surprised.  I know that when they are wrapping it they will be so excited to give it to me so it is worth the wait (or at least I hope it is worth the wait).


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Beach Bag

I have been wanting a new beach bag for a while.  My last one I got ten years ago on our honeymoon in Aruba.  The zipper has since busted because I have to carry four beach towels, sunscreen, snacks, phones, etc.  Prices for beach bags are insane or maybe I am just cheap.  My friend and I have decided to make Wednesdays our craft day and this is what we made this week…

I think it turned out really cute!  I like how the bottom is a little different than the average tote.  I really like the look of the leather handles and embroidering our name on it just makes it a little more special.  I didn’t do a zipper or a snap because as I said before there is so much stuff crammed into the bag that I didn’t want to have it bust again.  Instead, I added two ribbons so that if I want I can tie the bag closed.  There are also side pockets on each side for phones and other miscellaneous items.

I like it so much that I think I may end up making these for teacher gifts at the end of the year.

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Teacher Valentine Gifts

I always like to show my appreciation for the people who take care of my kids on a daily basis.  I try to give the teachers gifts that I would like and who doesn’t like food?!

I called ahead and ordered four loaves of Great Harvest Bread Company’s Cinnamon Swirl Bread. I picked them up today, fresh out of the oven and attached cute cards for the teachers.  I think they will make great Valentine’s gifts.  They also make great french toast!

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Valentine’s Day

This post is inspired by my complete distaste for heart shaped jewelry and the fact that it is Amazon’s Deal of the Day.  Heart shaped jewelry is best left for kids under 13.  Here is my Valentine’s Day wish list…

The Pottery Barn Cable Knit Throw…sigh…It is $119 of pure yumminess.  I wish PB had more sales and coupons though.

Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance lotion – It is the most delicious smell on the planet (well, to me anyway).

I would also like some new lights for the front of our house and a new Spring wardrobe.  I am pretty sure that neither of those items count as Valentine’s Day presents though.  Some delicious homemade dessert does count as a Valentine’s Day present and I will be expecting some yummy goodness.  Maybe a Chocolate Raspberry Brownie?!

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Easter Theme Birthday Party

My plan for an Easter Birthday party…

10:30 – Kids Arrive and do crafts.  I am going to divide the kids in two groups of six.  Six kids will decorate white bags to use on their Easter egg hunt, while the other six kids will make candy necklaces.  When the groups are finished then they will switch.

The gift bags were bought at Michaels using a coupon.

The Wilton Candy Necklaces were also bought at Michaels on a separate day so I could use yet another coupon.

11:00 – Easter Egg / Scavenger Hunt.  I decided to write letters on each egg to spell out “Happy Easter.”  I thought this was the easiest way to ensure each child would get one of everything and not get stuck with 10 eggs each stuffed with Silly Bands.

As you can tell by the picture I utilized my Martha Stewart bunny punch again.  The letters that were only used once have “special” prizes (the H, Y, S, T, R) like bouncy balls, punch balloons, squishy lizards, etc. and the letters that were used twice (the A,E and P) all have candy in them.

11:30 – Lunch and cupcakes.  I have not planned out a menu yet, but I have over a week to decide that.  I am thinking of making two different types of cupcakes, vanilla for the kids and maybe a carrot cake for the adults.

12:00 – Open presents.

12:30 – Say Good-Bye and hand out gift bags.  I originally thought the Easter Eggs in the decorated bags would be the gift bags, but then I remembered that I bought Easter take out boxes a few years ago.  I added a little fake grass and chalk eggs.  They were easy, inexpensive and are something the kids can use.

12:35 – Vacuum and clean up.

1:00 – NAP!

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Crayon Roll Tags

Today I printed tags for the Valentine’s crayon rolls.  I think they are so cute.  My friend found the clipart online and I adjusted the size to fit 5 per page.  I made the left margin big so I could fold it into a card.  I folded the paper first then used my paper cutter to cut them to size and then put a hole punch in the corner…Ta Da!

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Christmas Gift Idea #9

I don’t know how I forgot about this gift idea!  My parents went to Disney and brought us back Disney DVD Bingo.  It is so fun for the whole family to play!  My 3 and 6-year-old daughters love it and even my 11-year-old niece loves it, heck my husband and I love it too!  So fun and a great gift!

You don’t have to got to Disney to buy one.  Last year they had them at Kohls and I bought about 10 of them to keep as birthday gifts (they don’t have it this year, bummer).  I have even picked one up at Ross before.  They do have it on Amazon too though.

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