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I tend to like things done perfectly so I usually will type the girls names on their Valentine’s to make them look nice.  This year, I am trying to let go of my controlling ways and let the girls write their own names on theirs.  I figured I would just let them write their names on the back of the Valentine’s so at least the front would still be up to my unreasonable standards.  Here are the fronts…

Found the idea on Pinterest and then Lynette made me a pdf file with the top Valentine.  What would I do without her?!  I know it is early, but I let the girls write their names on the backs this morning for something to do.  I told Malaina to use her best hand writing and she really did a good job, even put hearts above the i’s on some of them.

Skylyn started out writing hers and only wrote, “Sky.”  I told her I prefer her write her whole name (baby steps people!).  She did a great job writing her name as well, but then wanted to “decorate” hers.  I thought I could handle it as long as it was only on the back.  She tried to talk me into coloring the front, but I am just not there yet.  Here are hers…

In the end everyone is happy and honestly I am sure none of the kids or parents will even care what they look like.  Last year, I made 32 crayon rolls, which took forever, but I am pretty sure I am the only one who noticed the time and effort they took.  I am trying to simplify my holiday crafts and this includes letting the girls participate, as hard as it may be.


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