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Here is the email I (and all of the other parents in my daughter’s second grade class received)…

Happy New Year!

Our class has earned 250 compliment cards.  We will have Beach Day tomorrow.
Please no flip flops or bathing suits.
Your child may bring sunglasses, a towel or beach chair, a beach hat, a snorkel, goggles, a beach ball for recess, etc.

It should be a fun day!

Pretty harmless right?!  Nothing in the email gave me any indication that the teacher was purposefully out to get any of our children, but I guess I was wrong because this is the email that a parent “reply alled” to and each parent and the teacher received…

Seriously? I’m not trying to be mean, but how about you give parents a little more than a 16 hour notice next time?? Especially when more than half of those hours are in the middle of the night! I just got this email, so that is great that my child didn’t get to participate. Thanks. I’m sure she is having a blast watching all her classmates have a fun time with their beach gear.

Um…are you kidding me?!  Seriously?!  You are trying to be mean!  You made yourself look like a fool, not only to the teacher, but to all of the parents in your child’s class.  Why would someone EVER, EVER send a nasty email to a teacher who takes care of and keeps your child safe for seven hours a day.  If this is “seriously” your only complaint as a parent of a student then you should be so lucky.

Also, it is freaking freezing out today and my child had the common sense on her own to say, “It is too cold to dress like going to the beach.  Can I just bring a towel?”  So, your child is not the only one who is not in beach gear and I am pretty sure that there are a lot of kids and (gasp) even the teacher who would be willing to share their beach items.  Maybe, just maybe it could instead of being an awful experience for your child to watch “all of her classmates have a fun time with their beach gear” it may be a chance for your child to see how kind and generous her classmates (and teacher) are to share their beach gear with her.

I would have sent this as an email back to the entire class if I were brave enough and wanted to make enemies with the parents in my daughter’s class, but I am a wimp and didn’t want to get into an email war with another parent (plus, wouldn’t that make me as bad as her to begin with?).  Instead I will write it on a blog for cyber world and email a copy to the teacher to let her know that she was not in the wrong and that I appreciate her.  That she is a great, caring, kind teacher who has done a wonderful job with my daughter and the class.  Hopefully other parents will email her as well to let her know how much they appreciate her and all of her hard work.

End of rambling…be nice to teachers!


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Tomorrow I turn 32.  I thought that I read somewhere that 31 was the happiest year of your life.  I thought tomorrow was the end of my happiness, but it turns out I was wrong.  I did a little research and the magic number is actually 33!  Something to look forward to!

I have no complaints about being 31 though.  It was a great year filled with great memories.

My Dad said that every birthday is great because it means you lived another year.  He is so right!

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Traditional and modern ten year anniversary gifts are supposed to be tin.  Not sure what you would get with tin, but my husband and I went outside the traditional and modern and decided to get tattoos to celebrate our upcoming ten year anniversary.

Marty got a little more than he bargained for when he had to redo his first tattoo because it was fading too much.  At least he had the side one done first so that the back one didn’t seem like a big deal.  Mine wasn’t bad at all.  It helps that they were small tattoos and over in a short amount of time.  Anyway, we really like them.

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Having a sister…

I sometimes joke that my girls will be able to bond with each other when they are older by talking about me.  Good or bad, they will have me in common so that will bind them.  They can talk about the way I nagged them to clean their room, do their homework, share, be nice to each other or they can talk about the way I would write them notes in their lunch boxes, or take pictures of them sleeping at night because I think it will crack them up in the morning, or the way we would all sit and read books together.  Anyway, I just read a book called The Good Sister by Drusilla Campbell (I will put it in my book log) and I really liked it.  It had a sentence in it that made me think of me saying this to people…Having a sister makes having a mother bearable.  I suppose that quote is only meant for the bad moments, but hopefully they will remember the good moments too.

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Today is the day my little one was born.  At this time five years ago I was probably awake as well (it is currently 4:53 am), but for different reasons.  Most would think because of being uncomfortable lugging around an extra body, but nope it was because I was fearfully awaiting my c-section and what was to come after (oh, and leaving my precious 2 1/2 year old while I was laid up for days recovering).  Come to think of it, it wasn’t only the night before it was the entire weekend before.  I didn’t want anyone to come over to our house because I was crying all weekend.  Pretty pathetic for a 26-year old grown woman.  Oh, the things you learn as you age.

My prior experience with a c-section wasn’t the greatest.  It wasn’t awful, but going through18 hours of labor then having a c-section kind of stunk.  Also, the feeling of your stomach being completely cut open and not being able to walk kind of stunk too.  Walking after the first c-section was such a challenge and I wasn’t up for it so I laid in bed only to get up to go to the bathroom.  Most people think a catheter is awful, but since I had an epideral and couldn’t feel the whole painful process it wasn’t bad and it prevented me from having to get up to actually walk so to me it was the best thing ever.  I was not happy when they actually took it out and forced me to walk to the bathroom.  Sometimes the nurses are big jerks.  The nurses are also big jerks when it comes to breast-feeding, which brings up my next experience that made me so fearful of actually having you here, the pressure I felt after the first time to breast-feed.

People don’t tell you the horror stories of nursing.  They tell you it is a natural, beautiful thing.  They don’t tell you that it is the worst pain ever!  Apparently for some woman this is not the case, but for me it sucked.  Even my friend who gave birth naturally two times agrees, which does make me feel better about being such a wimp when it came to this.  So, I felt pressure the first time around and gave it everything I had and when it didn’t work out, I tried more causing more pain and more stress leading to a case of postpartum depression.

I had, of course heard of postpartum depression, but thought woman were crazy not being able to get control of their emotions.  I wanted and planned for a baby so how could I not love, bond and be the perfect mother when I had her.  Well, apparently postpartum depression is real and I had a serious case of it.  I could not stop crying.  I literally thought I was going to die, so much so that your Dad (who going through this with me makes him a saint) called the hospital to let them know this.  They said I needed to rest so he let me sleep the entire night and got up with your sister by himself the entire night (again, a saint).  A week after being home from the hospital I was still crying and went to the doctor, just my luck (too bad writing doesn’t show sarcasm) it was the only male doctor in the practice.  Daddy met me at the doctor and stayed in the waiting room with your sister while I sat in the sterile exam room wearing nothing but a paper gown, balling my eyes out with milk soaking through the paper gown.  A lovely sight to see.  They suggested to stop trying to be super mom and ditch the breast feeding and get on some drugs, so I did and I slowly started my road to recovery.

I remember when I couldn’t get pregnant with you going to the doctor and having her question me, “Are you sure you really want to go through that again?”  She was so shocked that I was there even thinking about having another baby after how I felt the first time.  I really wanted your sister to have a sibling because of the bond I have with mine so I told her yes and started the fertility process.  I say process, but really it wasn’t bad, just a few months of clomid so I was lucky.  When I found out I was pregnant I was happy and scared all in one.  The first time around we didn’t tell anyone until 12 weeks, but with you everyone knew we were trying and I couldn’t keep on letting people think we were still trying (it took us 6 months).  I was still scared, but made it to the 12 week mark!

At 13 weeks, out of the blue I started bleeding, like I thought I was having a miscarriage bleeding.  It was awful.  I called my sister, my Mom, and finally my Dad answered and I cried through the phone, “I need Mom.”  I think he was scared too and handed it right to her and I cried, “Mom, I need you.  I think I am having a miscarriage.”  I was so scared.  They got to our house to take care of your sister, while your Dad (what would I do without him?!) took me to the hospital.  We could not believe our eyes when they saw your tiny heartbeat on the monitor.  We should have known then that you would be born fiesty.  We could not have been happier.  Apparently, my uterus tore away from the wall, which caused the bleeding.  I was to be careful for the next few weeks.  I went home and cleaned the blood off our bathroom floor and then did nothing the rest of the time I was pregnant with you.  This experience made me think of the doctor questioning if I really wanted to go through this again and I now knew I did.

I was so happy to make it to my actual scheduled due date.  After I had the miscarriage scare I remember counting down the weeks just trying to keep you inside of me.  On the day you were born I was pretty much a wreck, but humor is my way of coping so all the nurses thought I was handling it well.  I went to have my spinal tap and they waited for it to take effect before the c-section procedure.  They started the process when I yelled, “I can still feel it!”  They waited, it still wasn’t taking so they did another spinal tap, lucky me (again, sarcasm) and then you were born.  After you were born I requested more drugs and was out of it for a while.  When I saw you you were a tiny little thing at only 6 pounds and with completely wild hair.  I thought after I had your sister I would be scared to hold such a tiny baby since she was so big, but I wasn’t scared at all because you were mine.

The nurses, of course pushed the breast feeding on me.  I started to feel like I was going down the slippery slope to postpartum depression hell.  I was so scared and called your Dad, who was on night time duty at home with your sister.  He gave me a pep talk and told me to stop trying to breast feed.  That was just what I needed, someone in my corner to tell me it was okay to not breast feed and he did that for me.  Your Dad is an amazing man.  It gave me the courage to say no to the nurses and be fine with my decision.

When I left the hospital with you it was such a different experience.  I felt grateful to have had my Mom watch your sister for the time I was in the hospital.  I was in much better physical condition because of all the walking I did in the hospital and with you I felt such an amazing sense of love.  No drugs needed.  I truly felt like I was on a high the first two weeks.  It was such an incredible feeling and I couldn’t imagine never feeling it again.

When I think of your birthday, that is what I think of.  The feeling I had after I had you.  The love I felt for you holding your tiny body in my arms.  Seeing your spiky hair and long eyelashes.  I am so thankful that you were able to give me those incredible feelings.

So… Happy Birthday Bug, but really Happy Birthday to me!


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  1. Fly – especially if you go during a holiday.  What should have been a 9.5 hour car drive turned into 13 hours.  Although, we were lucky on our way home and got home in 9.5 hours and that even included 5 or 6 stops for gas, bathroom, and hotcakes!
  2. If you decide to skip tip #1 then make sure you have a DVD player in the car and make sure it works.  We had a DVD player in the car, but failed to make sure it worked and spent the 13 hour trip with not a whole lot of entertainment for two kids.
  3. Also, if you decide to skip tip #1 make sure you have some sort of potty, toilet paper or some way for your little one to go to the bathroom in the case of being stuck in traffic and not going anywhere.  My little one had to go so bad and was crying.  I felt so bad.  I could tell she was in pain because she had to go.  I sat in the back comforting her, but nothing worked and we felt helpless as she was crying, “Daddy, please help me.”  He did.  He was our hero, stayed in the lane, put on the four ways and took her to pee in front of everyone on the concrete highway.  She thanked him and all was good.
  4. Wait to bring your kid to any theme park until they are close to 5 years old.  There were so many small kids that would never remember even going to the theme parks and just got in the way.  I can understand if you have an older kid that you want to enjoy the experience, but the parents with just one 2 year old were just annoying.
  5. Wear an electrical current so that if people get into your personal space they get zapped.  I cannot believe how many people feel completely comfortable standing one inch away from other people.  My husband actually said I was being generous saying one inch.
  6. Sea World is a great place to go because there are a lot of shows and it gives the kids a chance to sit and relax.  They also have indoor shows in the air conditioning, which is nice too!
  7. If you go to Sea World, make sure to sit in the shade.  You may think you want to sit up close to see better, but you will be dying of heat stroke in a matter of minutes.
  8. At Sea World we saw some elderly people and by elderly I mean, about 90 in wheelchairs.  This goes along with tip #4 – they should stay home.  How much enjoyment can they really get from sitting in the heat watching Clyde and Seymour?!  I actually kind of felt bad for them because the wheelchair section was right in the sun.
  9. Bring my Mom to map out the times at Sea World for you!  I guess you could do this yourself though.
  10. Going to Disney…leave your house early because even once you park on the Disney parking lot it will still take about an hour to get to the gate after taking a trolley, getting your tickets and then also taking a ferry or monorail.
  11. Let them know it is your first time at Disney so you can get a pin when getting your tickets.  I didn’t think this was a big deal, but a couple people stopped us asking us how to get “your first time at Disney” pins.
  12. Download the wait time app to your phone so you can check on the wait times at all the rides.
  13. If you are going without kids I would wait to go mid afternoon because that is when all the meltdowns are occurring and the parents are stressed and end up going home with their over-tired, over-stimulated kids.  We were one of those families that left around 4:00.
  14. Skip the gift shop at Disney and head straight to Downtown Disney.  It is the exact same stuff (unfortunately the exact same prices), but it is all in one store.  We went to Downtown Disney the day before and my Mom gave each of the girls money to buy something.  I told the girls they could get one thing at Disney.  Sky wanted a Minnie Mouse pillow pet.  We didn’t see it at the gift store at Disney, but when we left visiting with Mickey and Minnie there it was.  She had already got something so the Minnie pillow pet stayed at Disney (don’t feel bad for her, my Mom got her one the next day when we went back to Downtown Disney).
  15. Downtown Disney is a lot of fun.  It has cute shops, a huge gift shop (the Disney Store on crack) and good places to eat.  It has a carousel, a ferry ride to get to the other side of Downtown Disney and a candy store so there is stuff to keep the kids entertained.  In fact…skip Disney and just tell them that Downtown Disney is actually Disney.
  16. Eat at Earl of Sandwich if you go to Downtown Disney!  The sandwiches are hot and so good.  It is also very reasonably priced.  It may be the only thing at Disney that is.  Oh, my parents would say to make sure to go to Ghiradelli to get their ice cream.  On the candy side of Ghiradelli they hand out free samples of chocolate all day so I would say to hit that up too.
  17. We chose to skip bringing a stroller because our kids are almost 5 and 7 ½ and we didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of the stroller.  For the most part they did good, but I would recommend bringing one to Downtown Disney if you have a kid around 5-years old.
  18. Bring a size bigger of clothes when vacationing at Disney.  There are bakeries and ice cream at every attraction and who can pass that up?!
  19. Bring only a small camera to the attractions.  I saw people lugging around huge, photographer cameras.  I guess maybe they were trying to burn extra calories because the cameras looked like they weighed a ton.
  20. These are kind of dorky, but if you are bringing kids I would recommend going to Target or a cheap gift shop and picking up a fan/spray bottle.  This was a huge life saver at Sea World when it was hot.  At the attractions they are so much more expensive.
  21. Plan a relaxing vacation immediately after your Florida vacation!

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At least that is what I think my van feels is the equivalent to having a giant dent in its back bumper!

Marty has been great by taking my van to get an estimate and today he got me my rental car…a Dodge Caravan.  Thank goodness it is a van.  Driving a car for two days after you are used to the ease of having a van has been rough.  Carpool is meant for vans, not cars as I am finding out.

Those of you who don’t know…my van was innocently parked legally at the mall when an older woman pulled into a parking spot and clobbered my van.  Thankfully she was honest and left a note and had insurance.  Still a pain, but that makes it more bearable.

I have also been returning the car favors for Marty.  I took his car to get inspected, get an oil change and I vacuumed and cleaned the inside of his car.  I think that may have only been the second time it has been done since he got the car.

It will be nice to have my van back.  The girls were extremely excited about having a “new” car parked in our garage.

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