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I thought I had more pictures of what my sewing room looked like before, but this is the only one I could scrounge up.
TableI was getting sick of the brown and thought it would lighten the room up if I repainted the table, chair and dresser.  Here is what it looks like now…

Sewing areaDresserFuton

It is amazing what a little paint can do!  What paint can’t do…is clean under the futon or hang pictures up.  That will get done once our master bathroom gets painted.  The dresser with the baskets was mine and my sister’s when we were kids and has been painted five times in the last ten or so years.  The table was originally a coffee table bought at a yard sale and then my Dad removed the old legs, put on the new legs and it is the perfect size craft table.  The chair was also from a yard sale.  Pretty much everything on the walls are from yard sales as well.  Right now, I am going through yard sale withdraws…just a few more months.



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Bathing Suit Shopping

My mission on Sunday was to find a bathing suit, but somehow I ended up at Home Goods.  Who knew Home Goods didn’t sell bathing suits?!  Haha!

I have been trying to find a new comforter for our bed.  Yes, I got a new quilt last year, but it is not nearly warm enough and I have been having to wear fleece to bed with a fleece blanket, sheet, blanket, quilt and then a fleece blanket on top of that.  I spotted a comforter that I really liked, but of course they only had it in king size so I went to a different Home Goods where they didn’t have it either, but they did have that pattern in a duvet so I snatched it up and then today went and got a level 3 down comforter to stuff inside of it.  I am hoping to scale down on the blankets tonight.

Here is the before (with only the quilt and not all the other blankets)…


I still need to find some sort of throw pillow for the bed.  I do really like the way it looks though.  I hope I like the warmth too!

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Mini Home Make Over Tour

We didn’t change things around too much.  We switched out the paint color from a pale yellow to a tan.  I know…living on the edge!  I tend to get sick of things so I thought this would be the easiest way for me to switch out accessories rather than painting a bold color and then repainting again in a year or two.  The biggest change I would say would be the white curtains in our bedroom and living room.  I used to hate white, but my friend has turned me over to the dark side (or should I say light side).  They really do make the rooms look so much lighter.  So here is the home tour…

Bedroom Before with gold curtains and gold lampshades…

Bedroom After…

The Treadmill Screen.  It cleverly disguises my frenemy…the treadmill.

On to the Living Room, before…

With red curtains and our old couches.


Right now I am debating on if I should paint the floating shelves white or leave them wood, hmm…  I may end up just getting new accessories to incorporate some of the white.

A gallery frame wall is great, until you have to take all the stuff off your walls to get painted.  It was a good way to dust though!

Dining Room – no before since we really didn’t do much besides get a new hutch and paint.  Here is the old side table…

Here is the new one!  It was a great buy at World Market for $150!  I love a bargain!

Our Front Room is pretty much the same, but I do like it because it seems to be the one room that stays toy free.  I guess that isn’t completely true since the dining area does too.

There is our home tour.  The kitchen isn’t entirely put back together yet so no pictures of that.  Actually, I am pretty sure in a few months I will be changing stuff in the entire house again.  I need to work on that.

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I have shown a picture of my inspiration, but here it is again…

Picking a paint color seemed like it was the longest part of the process.  We ended up using Sherwin-Williams Softer Tan and a white color that was similar to our trim.  Eventually we will use the Softer Tan throughout our house, but right now I don’t want to see paint for a while.

I always start a project telling my husband that I will do all the work, but lucky for me I am vertically challenged and can never reach the ceilings.  I did, however do about 80% of this project.  On Friday I started by painting all the walls white.  When Hubby came home from work he was gracious enough to draw all the horizontal lines.  After that was done I could tape the stripes.  I then painted the seams of the tape white (just on the side I was painting).  This seals the tape and keeps the other color paint from seeping under the tape.  It really makes a HUGE difference.  Saturday, I started painting the stripes and today everything was finished!!!  I did buy a new light fixture, toilet paper holder and towel rack.  Eventually I will get some artwork, but I haven’t found anything that I am in love with yet.  So…here is our new half bath…

 Forgive the lighting, there is zero natural light down this hallway.

I love the way it turned out.  I have said on occasion that the only way to eat without being interrupted in our house is to eat in the bathroom.  I love this room so much that I may do it (or not).

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So normally I would say you are one of my best friends, but now I am not so sure and this is why…

You go ahead and find the paint colors after I have just come to terms with the colors I have bought.  To find these paint colors check out The Lettered Cottage.  I am fighting the urge to go to Home Depot and compare paint colors.  Ugh…WHY?!

As of right now, my bathroom still has 9 paint colors on the wall.  I did buy paint today.  Tomorrow may be the day to start the process, unless I change my mind on colors.

I guess we are still friends, nothing a pizza can’t fix…pick a day!

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Dear HGTV,

I am sending you my Sherwin-Williams paint sample bill.  I think it is careless on your part to post any pictures that do not give paint colors.



Here is my inspiration…

I love the stripes and the colors.  Do you want to see what my bathroom looks like currently?!

All of this could have been avoided if HGTV would just make sure people post paint colors!

Clearly, we have some lighting issues in our half bath since there are zero windows.  I am hoping someday soon to have this project finished.  Right now it seems like a never ending process of just picking out paint colors.

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Moss Letters

I have been loving all the moss covered hanging letters and decided to make my own instead of paying $40.  My inspiration was this from Spotted Leopard.

Here is mine…

I got the M from AC Moore for $3.99.  The moss is from JoAnn’s and was $8.99 for a sheet of moss.  I got 2-3 letters out of one package of moss (depending on the letter).  The ribbon was also from JoAnn’s.  I used ribbon with a wire to hold the bow in place.  I think it turned out pretty cute and makes a great inexpensive gift.

Crafty Southern Mama has a tutorial on how to make a moss letter.

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